Kajeets Offered to Students of CCPS

On behalf of the family and friends of Dr. Richard M. Lewis, Kajeets, a broadband internet device, have been made available to those students who are not able to access internet in their homes.  This technology is the result of generous memorial contributions made to honor the late Dr. Lewis, who passed away in July 2016.  Dr. Lewis was the President of the Clarke County Education Foundation at the time of his passing, and he was a tireless advocate for access to educational opportunities.

Dr. Lewis recognized the game-changing nature of technology and how students needed to have access to technology and the internet to thrive while in school and beyond.  Before his passing, Dr. Lewis was heavily involved with the effort to expand internet access to students and residents throughout Clarke County.  The Kajeet technology that students have received is a way in which Dr. Lewis’s legacy is honored by giving access to the incredible power of the internet.

The Lewis Family, Dr. Lewis’s friends and colleagues, The Clarke County Education Foundation, and the faculty of the Clarke County Public School system are all excited for students to have the opportunity to learn and grow through the use of the Kajeet technology.  Dr. Lewis believed firmly that education is the key to success, and we’re sure that he would be very happy for students to have that key and to see it used wisely.

For more information on Kajeets or how to gain access to a Kajeet, please contact the Clarke County Education Foundation.

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