The Clarke County Education Foundation (CCEF), a non-profit organization with a current board of 16 members and a full-time executive director, is dedicated to providing private support to the Clarke County Public Schools to enhance its tax-supported programs.

Founded in 1991, the CCEF has provided more than $2.4 million in student scholarships, teacher grants, system demonstration grants, and donor-defined projects through a combination of fund-raising and endowment income since its inception.

The Clarke County Education Foundation is an independent public charity dedicated to promoting, expanding, and augmenting the educational opportunities for students and staff in the Clarke County Public Schools, by generating private support and involvement to enhance these publicly maintained services.
Supporting Our Schools
As a partner with various community groups, CCEF oversees charitable donations that augment programs such as International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Bridge, BookFest, Dictionary Fund, and more. CCEF also provides a generous lease agreement of our facility for the CCPS Alternative Education Program.
Offering Opportunity
Each year, CCEF provides financial funding to bring students’ dreams of post-graduate studies to reality. These funds are provided through the generosity of scholarship funds and endowments.
Enhancing Education
CCEF annually awards thousands of dollars to teachers to enhance the classroom experience. Aid has been in the form of supplemental materials, additional supplies, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Executive Director: Amy Lowell

Board of Directors

* Member of Executive Committee (officers & committee chairs)

Class of 2017 (terms expire 6-30-20)

  • *Lisa Fillipovich, Secretary              2015

Class of 2018 (term expire 6-30-18)

  • Sharon Brown                                    2016
  • Roy Emmons                                      2016
  • Joe Myer                                              2009
  • Joe Reshetar                                      2016
  • *Mitchell Rode                                   2009

Class of 2019 (term expire 6-30-19)

  • *Robbie Hornbaker, Vice President    2014
  • *Patricia Castlehano                                    2016
  • Diane Clotzman                                             2016
  • *Suni Mackall, President                            2014
  • *Cindy Shimp,                                                 2009
  • *Nancy Specht                                               2014
  • Loretta Stem                                                   2016
  • *Adrian Taylor, Treasurer                             2016
  • Shelly Morris                                                  2016

FY’ 2018 CCEF Chairs & Committee Members

  • Executive Committee – Mackall, Chair
    Castelhno, Emmons, Fillipovich, Hornbaker, Reshetar, Rode, Specht, Stem
  • Communications – Fillipovich, Chair
    Brown, Clotzman, Morris, Reshetar, Rode
  • Finance/Investment – Taylor, Chair
    Hornbaker, Myer, Taylor, Emmons
  • Fund Development – Castelhano & Stem, Co-Chairs
    Entire BOD
  • Governance/Nominating – Mackall & Hornbaker, Co-chairs
    Clotzman, Emmons, Reshetar, Rode
  • Program/Allocations –Specht & Rode, Co-chairs
    Brown, Mackall, Morris, Shimp

2016 Annual Report

View our 2016 Annual Report by clicking the link above

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