The thing that really appeals to me and why I strongly support the Clarke County Education Foundation is it is a local, community based organization making such a positive difference in our local community. All the resources the Clarke County Education Foundation is entrusted with go right back in to supporting our Clarke County educators and to providing our Clarke County schools with additional tools to better educate our children. We can literally see the results of Clarke County

Chirs Shipe

President, CEO. Loudon Mutual Insurance Company , President John H. Enders Fire Company, Clarke County Representative

When the CCEF awarded the Feltner Scholarship to me as a junior, it provided a jump start to my college finances. Thanks to both the Feltners and CCEF.

Joey Racer, CCHS Class of ‘08

Due to my hectic schedule, I choose organizations to support with my time very carefully. I can’t think of a better organization than the Clarke County Education Foundation. The difference this foundation has made over the past 20 years in the lives of local students, teachers and the greater community is immeasurable yet irrefutable. I am extremely proud of my tenure there and continue to support its great works without hesitation.

John Hudson, Aug 2011, Vice-President, Bank of Clarke County

In these difficult economic times with continuously shrinking public education budgets, the CCEF, partnering with generous community members and businesses, has continued its strong commitment to our children.

Shannon Dulaney, VP Warfield Homes Inc.

My son has been given the opportunity to expand beyond the traditional grade level curriculum thanks to book purchases made possible by the Clarke County Education Foundation. It has opened up the world to him.

Toni Novakowski, Parent, Clarke County Public Schools

I am truly grateful for the Vidy Lloyd scholarship that the CCEF presented to me. The CCEF goes above and beyond when it comes to aiding the staff of CCPS!

Jeremy Braithwaite, DG Cooley Physical Education Teacher

The additional materials funded by the CCEF enable our schools to offer additional services and are a tremendous asset to the CCPS’ staff and students, and to our community.

Janet Alger, CCPS School Board Chair

During high school, there were times when teachers had to make sure that every student had the right supplies to succeed in a particular class – like graphing calculators for IB Math. I know CCEF played a large role in making that possible by providing those calculators.

Danny Hardesty, CCHS Class of 2005, Virginia Tech Class of 2009

CCEF made it possible for the Robotics Team to participate in FIRST Robotics and Tech Competitions. Without their support we would not have been able to offer this opportunity to our students. This affected not only last year’s team, but will also ensure this amazing opportunity to all future robotics teams.

Ed Novak, Teacher, Clarke County High School

With the support of the Clarke County Education Foundation, our elementary students will be the first in our region to participate in the new and innovative math programming developed by the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in Portsmouth, Virginia. The two day event will be full of Math stations, games, and hands-on activities which promote learning math concepts through movement.

Cathy G. Seal, Ed. D., Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Clarke County Public Schools

It is very important for the entire community to engage in the activities of the CCEF and to donate time, talent and resources as often as possible.

Barbara Lee, CCPS School Board

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