The Clarke County Education Foundation was proud to present 23 scholarships to juniors and seniors from Clarke County High School at their annual Senior Recognition Night.  Scholarships were awarded on May 19, 2019.  Twenty-three scholarships were awarded, totaling $23,300. For more information regarding our scholarships we offer each year, visit our Student Scholarships page.

2019 Scholarship Recipients:
Renee Weir Scholarship- Alyssa Coffelt $300
Alice Loope Education Scholarship- Lucy Martindale $500
Chris Ball Scholar-Athlete Scholarship- Matias Camacho-Bruno $500
John D. Hardesty Agriculture Scholarship- Cynthia Fairbanks $500
Shaaron Loveless/Jay Fox Scholar-Athlete- Heather See $500
Mary Hardesty Nursing Scholarship- Hanna Burnell $500
CCHS Performing Arts Scholarship- Lucy Martindale $500
Nancy L. Friant Performing Arts Scholarship- Tyler Limonges $500
Nancy Specht Cross Country Scholarship- Maeve Lyman $500
John F. Milleson, Jr. Scholarship- Bristin Broy $500
Jimmy Racer Scholar-Athlete Scholarship- Sara Wenzel $500
Virginia B. Lloyd Scholarship- Alyssa Coffelt $1,000
Jon VanSice Scholarship- Emmett Maiberger $1,000
Wilbur Feltner Memorial Scholarship- Anna Blight $1,000
Danielle N. Moyer/Kimberly Stutzman Scholarship- Maeve Lyman $1,000
Dr. Joseph Casey Scholarship- Annalee Wisecarver $2,500
Wilbur and Helen Feltner Athletic Scholarship (male)- Colby Childs $2,500
Wilbur and Helen Feltner Athletic Scholarship (female)- Hannah Trenary $2,500
Mitchell “Good Neighbor” Scholarship- Nick Cather $500
Moore Family Scholarship- Holly Mercer, Kamryn Anderson, & Alyssa Coffelt up to $4,000
Barrett Machine Trade Scholar- Owen Ray Allen Gray $1,000

Congratulations Recipients!


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